October 14

Des Moines Science Museum Review


Trying to get to the Des Moines Science museum had a few bumps in the road!

We thought we could just show up to the museum and enter when they were open but instead we need to schedule and purchase a time slot. That delayed us to visit on our way out of town.

Next challenge! Since we were hitting the museum as we left, we were driving our rig including the car towed behind. The museum was downtown Des Moines and that meant parking was an issue. Luckily there was a place to drop off where we were able to park and ask where to park. They gave us a spot right at the front of the museum that made life a whole lot easier!

Museum Exhibits

The building opens up to a large area where you can see up to the upper floors. Exhibits are in each four corners on each floor. They all have different themes. 

First we met Sue the dinosaur. Her story was told through a light show on her fossil body. They pointed out interesting things in her bones that gave a bit of background about her life.

Another area had reptiles and insects and a weather green screen. The areas were clean and it wasn't too crowded.

The kids like the area focused on physics. They learned about earthquakes and how to build structures that can best withstand shaking. That's where the kids also had fun building an arch as well.

We talk about more in the video but overall we really enjoyed our stay. Looks like this one is kid recommended!


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