October 31

Magnolia Silos Waco Texas


We didn't think we were going to make it to Magnolia Silos when we came to Waco Texas. Unfortunately we caught a bit of a cold in the family and we weren't all feeling great. Toward the end of our stay we decided to visit Magnolia Square.

First you should know that Magnolia Silos is about a block sized shopping area with several shops. We actually ran out of time to see everything so if your goal is to shop all the shops perhaps give yourself the entire day or a half day.

Parking is also pretty sparse. We saw others parking along the nearby streets and found a spot about a block or so away. As we walked, we decided to pass the different shops to see what options we had. 

Shops at Magnolia Silos

Our first stop was at the opposite end of the square--the bakery! This is definitely worth the stop. They have deciduous cookies, cupcakes and drinks. One of our favorites was the Silo Cookie which was packed with lots of yummy ingredients (you just have to try it!) The cupcakes were great as well with fun treats inside the cake.

Next we went inside the market which is the main store with all kinds of kitchen and home decor items. We could be happy buying everything in the store! You can see Joanna's hand in all of the items!

Next we went to Magnolia Home which is where you can buy furniture such as tables, chairs, and bedding. As we're technically homeless right now, this was especially hard because we can only dream of having such a beautiful home.

A great buy are the Magnolia candles. With the holidays around the corner there were some great options to especially consider.

Connected to Magnolia Home is Magnolia Press which is lovely coffee shop. Shel grabbed a hot chocolate to go and also we found restrooms to use. 

On the other side of Magnolia Home are several shops and some kid-friendly shops we would have like to stop at but we were out of time. 

There is plenty of outdoor area to sit and relax. There was lots of construction going on outside as well.

You may want to also consider visiting at night when they light up the silos.  


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