October 20

Finding Places To Work While On The Road


Working on the road has had a few challenges. One was getting a good internet option. Another was having a place to take calls. In this video I show a few options that I've found to work.

First you'll probably want to check to see if the RV park you're staying at has a decent club house. However even if they do have one and it's quiet enough to do call from, next you'll need to see if they have decent internet. There were several parks that simply put had terrible internet with speeds that were maddening. That's when I tried something else.

I did a quick Google map search for local libraries. The nice thing about most libraries is that they invest in quality internet speeds. So you can get a quiet spot to work at with high speeds. The major challenge is taking calls in that environment especially if they expect you to be quiet.

In Oklahoma City I walked into a library and started a call in a secluded part of the library. I was soon confronted by a library worker who basically kicked me out. I guess they still hadn't really opened all the way up from their COVID-19 closures.

With that being the case, I had to search for another option. I found StarSpace 46 which is an office share space. They offered a daily rate to me that worked out perfectly. I loved that there were several spaces I could work in. There was even a booth area that I could take calls and not worry about bugging others.

The best part is that they have phenomenal internet speeds! I was able to upload a lot of footage that we struggled to that week.

My advice for those looking places to work on the road is to first try out your RV park clubhouse. If that doesn't work try to find these community office-share spaces for the ideal working environment. Keep in mind libraries as a backup! 


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