October 13

Lippert Waste Management RV Waste Pipe


As part of our renovation we wanted to get new sewer hoses. To be honest the Lippert Waste Management system wasn't our first choice. The popular RV waste pipes on Amazon were out of stock or wouldn't reach us in time. Lippert was the next best choice and we're glad we got it.

Benefits of Lippert Waste Management System

We didn't know this but the traditional way a RV sewer hose connects is not the standard way other commercial hoses connect. So for instance a gas truck pulls up to fill up a gas station. Their hoses would use a camlock system which is what Lippert does as well. That gives you a more reliable connection than your standard turn-and-lock system in most RVs.

So it's nice to have a more reliable connection so there's no leak option. Our gray and black tank valves are going to need to be replaced and so when leaking becomes an issue the standard sewer hose connection won't help. However, the camlock system will keep whatever leaks into the hose.

We can't say enough about the way the hose stretches and contracts. If I need a short connection it works great. If I need a long connection, it works great. Plus the way the hose ribbing works, there's no bumps for waste to get stuck in the hose. 

The connection between the hose and the sewage dump is reliable as well and can fit many different opening sizes. We wouldn't have to buy any connection accessories.

There's also a way to close off your hose so that once you've dumped, no dirty water leaks into your compartment from the hose. You can close off both ends.


The video gives you the best description on how to install the camlock system. You'll need a few items and be in a place to install the new system.

One thing that would have been better during our installation is if we had sand paper to smooth pipe after removing the old connections. 

Hope this helps you!


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