September 21

RV Butcher Block Counter And Table


We knew early on that we wanted butcher block for our kitchen counter and table. However we really didn't know anything about how to work with butcher block. Hopefully this post will help you know whether you'll want butcher block or not.

Butcher Block Basics

There were a couple of basic things we learned about butcher block that we didn't know before our RV renovation. Initially we considered making out own butcher block but when we learned we could buy it pre-made from Home Depot, we decided to save the time and just buy it.

The instructions say on the butcher block packaging that you need to seal the wood right after taking the butcher block out of the packaging. We didn't do that. In fact, we bought it and the wood sat in our makeshift workshop for a few weeks. It was simply because we had one chance to buy large lumber and use a truck to get it to our RV.

One of our butch blocks started to warp. We talked through in the video how we got the wood straightened out. If this happens to you. Don't worry too much. It's pretty common for butcher block.

It was nice that we could buy it pre-made from Home Depot. There are different sizes. Luckily we were able to get two different pieces: a long-narrow, and almost square. They worked our great. The cut pieces worked well for the areas we needed including creating a counter for the bathroom and two cutting boards.

Installing Butcher Block

Butcher block is heavy and can be hard to work with but it's really not any more complicated than other counter tops. For the table we fashioned and attached legs. The other half is anchored to a cabinet which is screwed to the wall.

On one side we have a permanent bench that also is a storage drawer. The other side has just enough room for two stools then you hit the couch. It can be a bit cramped sitting at the table as an adult but for our kids it works perfect.

Overall we're really happy renovating our RV with a butcher block counter and table. If you're considering using butcher block in your RV renovation then we hope this video helps!


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