September 22

RV Dining Table Renovation


Our dining table is a really important space. If you look at what it looked like before we renovated the dining room, you can see vast change.

What are you considering in your RV dining area renovation?

Why Butcher Block

We chose butcher block because not only does it look fantastic but it's also up to withstanding what our kids will do to it. Crayon's, markers and paints can be buffed out after an art project. If we need to, we can always sand down an area and re-seal it.

It's also very thick and solid. One concern we had was the weight but figured it wasn't any heavier than what else we would use.

Dining Table Space

Typically a dining table in an RV can be turned into a bed. That's what ours could do originally but it really wasn't that functional. The table didn't easily fold down but instead you had to unscrew and screw back on the legs. We really didn't ever consider turning our table into a bed.

Right away we knew we wanted to put a bench in the corner that would include a large drawer. That gave us space for a lot of kitchen items since we didn't really have a pantry. 

We also wanted a cabinet under the table where we could store school materials. This also worked really well for supporting the heavy butcher block table. 

The stools worked great around the table and allows for versatility and more kids to be seated than what we there originally. Granted the side closest to the couch is cramped but not too hard for our kids to fit into. 

In the video you'll see more about our RV dining table renovation. We hope it gives you some ideas for your RV renovation!


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