October 10

RV Water Pump Replacement


Your RV water pump is one of those things that is going to need to be replaced sooner rather than later. Or maybe let me say it this way, if you're on the fence about whether to replace your RV water pump or not, do it!

Why Not Replace It Yourself?

I'm sure you could replace it yourself. It didn't seem a sticky job to take on. The reason why we didn't is because of reliability. We're on the road traveling and we needed to get it done. 

We called a mobile RV repairman to come help us. We started by talking to the RV park management and asked who they recommended. Lucky for us there was one that lived in the park!

Colin came and helped us out. He brought a proven water pump that he'd installed many times with him. Keep in mind we didn't know at the time that it needed to be replaced but he quickly assessed several issues which made us confident in replacing the water pump.

So just to emphasize here, we didn't have to figure out which water pump to get. I'm fully confident that the one we have now is reliable and one of the best. 

Next, Colin helped us figure out some hosing issues because what was currently there had a bit of a problem. The whole thing would have taken me several more hours and taken me away from the work I had that day.

Now our pump works great and what's great is that it's so much more quiet than the other one!


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