June 11

Sorensen Family Photo Video Shoot


What is a family video/photo shoot? 

My wife and I love taking family photos. It's not our core business since I consider myself more of a videographer than photographer. That's why during photo shoots, I switch my camera back and forth from photo to video mode. Not only am I capturing those fun photo moments but also video moments.

For me, this gives you an extension of that moment in time. Yes the photos are awesome to put up on your wall. And yes, there's a lot more fixes that can be done to photos than video. To have a video that goes with your static images lets you see and hear what kids were like at that time in their life. 

Sure you probably grabbed a video on your phone and posted to Facebook or Instagram. I'm sure you love the Facebook memories videos you get 3, 5, 10 years down the line. You probably discard and don't store those memories. The video we make can be easily saved and watched in the future.

This is not a sales pitch. I'm just speaking to why it make sense to encourage your photographer to switch to video mode while they're taking photos to capture some of those video moments during the shoot.


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